A new Dubai Metro Map 2021 PDF has been recently released, and it’s nothing short of amazing. The new map makes it easier than ever to navigate the extensive public transportation system in Dubai, whether you’re traveling by metro, tram, or bus. Here are 5 reasons why you should check out the Dubai Metro Map 2021 PDF as soon as possible! 1. It Features Huge Changes From the Existing Map The most obvious reason to check out the new Dubai Metro Map 2021 PDF is that it features huge changes from the existing one.


1) The Dubai metro map is easy to read

The map of Dubai’s metro is impressively simple. The stations are clearly labeled and colour-coded, making them easy to spot on a route whether you’re familiar with it or not. It even shows details about each stop, including its distance from city hall. The map’s also easy to read because of its simple design; it consists of only one large circle that loops around certain parts of the city, plus several shorter lines that connect major destinations in and out of town.


2) Finding your way around will be easy, too

While public transportation in Dubai has gotten better over time, you still need to be prepared. The new map of Dubai will help you navigate quickly and easily. You’ll know which bus or metro line will take you where before your trip even begins! Save yourself a lot of stress with these handy maps.


3) You can download the new metro map from this link

Here are reasons why you should check out their new map! ... 1. Modern Artwork: While reading up on some of their new updates, I noticed that they have adopted a beautiful and modern design for metro maps. This is a huge upgrade compared to its previous one. 2. Easy-to-use route maps: The old map had different shapes signifying each station; however, it was quite confusing and there were multiple symbols overlapping each other which made it difficult for riders to follow along.


4) The QR codes are easier to scan than paper maps

Because QR codes are relatively new, they can sometimes be difficult for older people to read. But, in general, QR codes are a lot easier to scan and navigate than paper maps. Plus, with thousands of people using public transportation everyday in major cities like New York City, Tokyo and London (to name a few), it’s not just those who depend on paper maps who would benefit from having an easier way to navigate via public transportation.


5) You can always check for updates at this website

It is a complete list of metro routes and their changes, with a very user friendly map that anyone can understand. In addition, you can check for which station will be above or below ground on any route at a glance. Visit WASILA to see more information.