Is your TRN Validity Expired? If you are traveling to Dubai this summer, it’s time to get your Travel Document ready! The more you know about the process, the more smoothly and quickly you will be able to complete it without hassle. That’s why we have put together the ultimate guide to TRN Verification Dubai, detailing how you can check TRN validity and how you can renew your UAE Visa if necessary before traveling to Dubai for business or pleasure! Follow our step-by-step guide and never worry about getting denied entry into the UAE again!


What is a Trade Reference Number (TRN)?

Every business that imports or exports must obtain a Trade Reference Number (TRN) from an accredited data provider. It’s a unique number that companies use when they import or export goods, and you can find it printed on your company invoice. The Ministry of Economy in UAE issues Trade License Numbers (TLNs) for new businesses, which are commonly referred to as TRNs.

How to apply for e-gate card?

The UAE e-Gate project is another service offered by Emirates ID, which aims to improve border security and facilitate entry into the country. It has been said that more than 3,000 vehicles enter and exit Dubai airport daily, so as you can imagine it could be difficult for border control officers to process all of these individuals on a manual basis. This is where e-Gates come into play.

How to Check if Your TRN is Valid in Dubai

If you’re new to the UAE, it’s important to understand that your driving licence alone won’t be enough to get you behind the wheel here. Most expats will need to obtain their Emirates Driving Licence (or TRN) from the traffic department in order to drive legally in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other emirates. This article will provide you with an overview of the process involved, along with links to more detailed information.

What is a TRN (Type Registration Number)?

The Road and Transport Authority issues every vehicle in UAE a Type Registration Number (TRN) – it’s kind of like your license plate number, only it’s not actually on your car. To get your license plate number on your car, you need to give RTA a copy of both your passport and proof of residence for your current home address.

What is TMC (Dubai Traffic and Transport Authority)?

TMC, or Traffic and Transport Authority, governs licensing and verification of your vehicle registration. If you want to drive in UAE, you’ll need a valid TMC number assigned by them. This number must appear on all legal documents pertaining to your car, such as insurance documents and vehicle registrations. If you have no TMC number attached, it will not be possible for you to register your car with a legal Emirates license plate number.

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