When it comes to data, there’s no such thing as too much of it. If you’re looking to get the most out of your Internet connection, it can be frustrating when you’re only getting about half the speed that you were promised. Luckily, there are tools that can help you make sure that your Internet connection is as fast as possible by running diagnostic tests on your own connection and comparing it to the rest of the world so that you know how well you stack up in terms of download speeds and upload speeds among other things.


Download Speed Test

Du offers an du internet speed test that is simple to use and takes only a minute or two. In fact, it can actually help you pinpoint exactly what might be slowing down your connection. If you’re having trouble running it, contact Du’s customer service at 800000791. However, before we run our own test using Du’s tool, let’s first review how a speed test works.


Upload Speed Test

Upload speed can influence a user’s ability to experience quality online video or audio. If your connection has a low upload speed, you may have difficulty viewing or listening in real time as media content is shared across servers. Upload speeds can be affected by many factors including location, network congestion and other internet-connected devices in use.


Du IP Checker

If you’re trying to stream a video, watch YouTube or Netflix, or play an online game, you want your connection to be as fast as possible. Check your speed and monitor it over time with Du IP Checker. (If you don’t have Du service, consider signing up for a free trial.) Connections running below 1Mbps are considered slow.


Connectivity Settings

It’s worth taking a quick look at your device settings before you begin speed testing. If they aren’t correctly set up, you may not get an accurate representation of your connection. Some useful settings to check are Wifi (or mobile data) and 4G/3G – make sure that these are turned on and that there isn’t a warning or error message on screen.


Results Analysis

Are you in need of a speed test? If so, we’ve got one right here. This simple test will let you know how fast your internet connection really is. You can take our speed test right now to see just how fast your internet service provider (ISP) delivers broadband to your home or office. Simply press Start Test and wait for a few moments while our servers send a series of data packets to your computer at different speeds.

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